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Pre-Workout Meals: Are you getting the most out of your workouts?

1.5-2 hours before Protein, Fat & Carb are just fine:

- Daves Killer Bread Bagel with PB & Banana

- Protein Shake: See last blog post

- Oats with protein powder & berries: Oat milk, oat packet, blue berries, vanilla protein powder, PB powder

- PB&J on whole grain bread (read your labels)

:30-1 hr before:

- Apple

- Ricecake & Powdered PB & Strawberries

- Protein Powder & Oat or Coconut milk

- Agave on Wheat Breat

- Watermelon

Keep it simple! It doesn't need to be prepped out 5 days in advance. Keep greens, fruits & grains in your house at all times so you are always prepared!

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