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With their various experiences, passions, profound belief and cultivated knowledge in the importance of the total/overall fitness of the mind and the body, Christine and Mitch are your coaches at SummaFit.

Together, they offer you proven programs and techniques that have helped many reach their very best physical and mental fitness.


 - Competitive Crossfit athlete (team & individual)

- A youth strength & conditioning coach

- One-on-one coach



  • functional fitness

  • strength training

  • aerobic capacity

  • sustainability


2017: Mitch & his team, Wasatch Brutes, won the Affiliate Cup at the Crossfit Games.

2019: Mitch was one of 35 men, named fittest in the West Coast Region, standing out from more than 500,000 individuals across the world who participated in the CrossFit Open.

Throughout those experiences, Mitch was coached by & learned from some of the most successful CrossFit, strength and conditioning coaches in the world.


Mitch has developed a unique & rooted understanding of the various components of peak fitness which allows him to expertly address any areas of deficiency or imbalance.

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link. I address each of those links & make what’s strong, stronger.”

He has taken every opportunity to learn from others & from his personal experiences, applying every bit of it to providing his clients with the best coaching, programming methods and mindset. 


 - Figure Bodybuilding competitor


Coached by world class IFBB/WBFF professionals

 Focus on the cognitive approach necessary for her clients’ optimal fitness and wellness. 

Passion and Expertise:


  • sustainability and health

  • online coaching

  • University studies:

    • Neuroscience, Bio Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Pathophysiology and Psychology

Christine has put her knowledge & experience to work through methodized and intentional coaching in both Summa Fit Programs & eBooks

SummaFit has special consideration for military personnel and have done extensive research as to how the connection of the mind & body can significantly benefit our heroes. 


Military, please message us for discounts!


Together, Mitch, Christine, Remi, ret mwd Reno & the memory of K9 Lex & Dante offer you the opportunity to lean all the way in, embrace change & strive for the unknown. 

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Mailing Address: 4287 Harrison BLVD #185 Ogden UT 84403

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