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SF Fam Freebie Program

Day 1: 


2-3 sets 4-6 reps minimal rest between sets

Air Squats > Scapular Push-Ups > Mountain Climbers

Exercise 1:

3 sets 8 reps :30-:45 rest between sets

Anchor 1

Jump Squats > Push-Ups > Glute Bridge 

Exercise 2:

4 sets 6 reps no rest between sets

Lunges > Reverse Burpees


2 sets :30 each movement :30 rest between sets

Plank Hold > Leg Raises > Crunches

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Day 2: 


1 set

10 minutes movement: Examples: Jump Rope, Incline Treadmill March, Walking, Spin Bike, Rowing

Exercise 1:

4 sets 12 reps :30-:45 rest between sets

Anchor 2

Cable OR Banded Lat Pull-Downs

Tricep Cable/Band Extensions

Exercise 2:

4 sets 8-10 reps :45-:60 rest between sets

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats

Reverse Grip Pull-ups

Exercise 3:

4 sets 10-12 reps :45-:60 rest between sets

Back Squats

Heel Elevated Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell Sumo Squats


2 sets 3 reps ea side

Couch Stretch (:45)

Shin Box

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Day 3: 


3 sets

Anchor 3

1:00 ​Moderate Cardio (Bike, Row etc)

3-5 Inch-Worms

10 Plate ground to over-head

5 Side Lunges

Exercise 1:

3 sets 12 reps :30-:45 rest between sets

Dumbbell Bench Press

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Exercise 2:

3 rounds for time

12 Dumbbell Deadlifts

9 Dumbbell Squat Cleans

6 Burpees Over Dumbbell

Exercise 3:

4 rounds for quality

15-20 Sit-Ups

5-7 Jefferson Curls

12-15 Ring Rows

Cool Down:

1 round :60

Dead Hang


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Day 4: 


2 sets 6 reps no rest between sets

Full Body Wave

Shin Box Extension

Anchor 4

Exercise 1:

3-4 sets 6-8 reps :30-:45 rest between sets

Kettlebell Swing 

Kettlebell Single Arm Clean > Swing Snatch > Windmill

Kettlebell Close-Grip Row

2-3 sets 8 reps :30-:45 rest between sets

Exercise 2:

Kettlebell Russian Twist

Kick Through Switches

Swing Sets

1-2 sets 4 reps :30-:45 rest between sets

Cool Down:

Spinal Rolls

Shoulder Threads

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Day 5: 


3 sets :45 each way

Side Step Sled Pull Left

Side Step Sled Pull Right

Reverse Drag Sled Pull

*If no sled do on incline treadmill @ a walking pace

Anchor 5

Exercise 1:

3-4 sets 6-8 reps :30-:45 rest between sets

Feet Elevated Dumbbell or Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift

Half Kneeling Kettlebell Clean to Press

Single Leg Foot Elevated on Bench Glute Bridge

Exercise 2:

4 sets 15-20 reps :30-:45 rest between sets


Leg Lifts (On bench)

Spider Man Elevated (Hands on bench) Push-Ups

Exercise 3:

3 sets :45 ea movement no rest between sets

Traveling Jump Squats

Cossack Sways

Reverse Grip Pull-Ups

Cool Down

1 set

Nasal Breathing Savasana

Set your intentions for the rest of the day 

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Repeat this for 4-6 weeks!

Remember to always consult a physician before starting any fitness regimen

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