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4 Plant-Based Meals/Snacks for Muscle Gain

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Something I want to touch on first:

I think there's a lot of hype around high protein diets & needing 1 gram of protein/pound of bodyweight. Guys, that's just not true.

Your muscles RUN on carbs! Carbs give your muscles that well rounded look, & without them you will cease to see gains.

I like to stay around 1.5g protein/kilogram of bodyweight.

I weigh 137, so I eat around 93-120g protein/day! That's something that for me, is easy to hit. Mitch is closer to 155-180/day

Our carbs however are MUCH higher. We live on carbs! The carbs we eat come from real single ingredient foods, like white rice, veggies, fruits etc.

Recipes Below!

1. Breakfast Shake:

I have this almost every morning!

It is a GREAT way to get in your fiber and micro nutrients.


- 1 C Oatly Milk or nut milk of choice (we get ours from Whole Foods)

- Handful of frozen or fresh berries (organic frozen Strawberries - Costco)

- 2 tbs Organic Powdered Peanut butter (Costco)

- 1 Scoop Vegan Vanilla Protein (FNX Vegan - Code FNXPSJUT to save $)

- 1tbs flax

- 1 Banana

Blend & Enjoy!

Macros: Carbs: 62 Fat: 8 Protein: 31 Calories: 439

Optional Toppings: Homemade Granola, Fresh fruit, Chia or hemp seeds, Nut butter

2. Tofu Vinaigrette Sammich


- 2 Slices Sour dough or Daves Killer Bread

- High Protein Extra Firl Tofu (Trader Joes)

- Ripe Vine Tomato (Farmers Market)

- Greens: cabbage, kale, cucumber

- *optional: sustainable avocado

- Olive Oil (Farmers Market)

- Red onion * optional

- Vinnegrette (Farmerks Market)

- herbs/seasonings of choice: Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Basil, EBTB

How to:

Drain your tofu then slice once horizontally & vertically, Put 2 of the four blocks away for another day. Then slice (like cheese) the two remaining. Put those slices in a bowl - drizzle olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette & sprinkle with sea salt, pepper & other seasonings of choice. - Cover and set in fridge.

Next, toast you bread. Then lay the two halves flat, & load that baby UP!

I start with cabbage, tomato, then cucumber & avo if I'm using it. Pull the tofu out of the fridge add 3-4 slices on your sammich and DEVOUR.

- I load up both slices, so by the time I put it together that sammich is huge. But its the way I like it lol.

Macros: C: 65 F: 23 P: 33 Calories: 605

3. Loaded Sweet Potato


- 1-2 Sweet Potatoes

- 1 can Garbanzo Beans

- Greens: kale or spinach

- Spices: Pepper, Salt, paprika

- Olive Oil

- 1/2 package Smokey Bacon Tempeh (Light life)

The how to:

Stab your potato with a fork so that it has small holes all over the surface. Cook Potato in Oven (50-60 min) or if in a rush Microwave on high for 8-10 min.

Drain & Rinse Garbanzo beans: place in a pan with tempeh (crumble tempeh) with 1bsp olive oil, salt & pepper. Add in Greens and cook for about 3-5 minutes.

Next Load your potato! Cut the center of the potato open, mash the inside and add in the mixture! top with seasonings of choice.

Macros: C: 46 F: 10 P: 13 Calories: 330 (1 serving recipe makes 2)

4. Edamame Salad


- 2 C Shelled Edamame (2 Frozen edamambe bags from Costco)

- 1 long english cucumber chopped

- *Optional 1-2 peppers chopped

- 1/2 white onion diced

- cilantro chopped (Farmers Market)

- 1 can rinses & drained Black beans

- Juice from 1 lime

- Sale & Pepper

- 2 Tomatoes chopped

How to: Add everything to a bowl and enjoy!

Macros: C: 55 F: 6 P: 24 Calories 375 (1 serving - recipe makes 2)

Does this help? Let me know which recipes you try & which ones you love!

I'll be posting more here and on the forum as well, so make sure you're a member of the site and signed up for emails.

I want this to be a place for all our clients to come and get help on the things our programs do not cover and a place for those who have done nutrition with us to come back to if they need it.

As always we are here for you guys. Let us know what you want to see, what will help & I'll get it up!

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