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Easy Peasy Meal Ideas To Stay On Track During The Hollidays

Around the Hollidays we all get caught up in whatever is going on in our world. Family coming in, present shopping, working extra hours, COVID-19... none of it is easy. I hope these easy, minimal prep, inexpensive meals help you get your "To Do" list complete with a little extra time to focus on what really matters.

I'm going to take you through meals I prepped for lunch that all took under 10 minutes and all require the same ingredients = easy shopping!

Meal 1

Now, to begin, the staple in most of my favorite snacks! Garbanzo Beans, formally known as Chickpeas.

Mash a can or two of beans.

Next, chop some apples and grapes, crinkle a few handfuls of chips (or nuts) and slice up broccoli (or grab a bag of broccoli slaw).

Some great additions/alternatives are onion, celery and carrots.

2 of the key ingredients for these meals (and so many other ones) are vegan mayo and Everything But The Bagel seasoning.


Lay your tortilla.

I really love the organic whole wheat OR olive oil ones from Trader Joes!

It's optional to heat it up - maybe in some vegan butter.

Spread the mashed garbanzo beans on one side of the tortilla, with a light layer of mayo.

I always end up adding more.

Few bits of broccoli or broccoli slaw.

Slices of apple. Who else is a honey crisp fan? Are you red apple team or green apple team?

The broccoli/slaw is also included, and is actually the base for our next meal! (Meal 2)

I started with the slaw (if you're doing broccoli, start with that), threw in some grapes, red onion and celery.

Mix it all together with some mayo.

Then, best discovery ever! I didn't have enough nuts - I would suggest almonds or pecans - so I crinkled some of our favorite salt and pepper chips on top. The combo was one of the best I've ever had.

The protein side of this meal is optional. I really love tofu pan fried in some Miyokos vegan butter and garlic powder. But, if tofu isn't your thing, you can add garbanzos to this too!

The end product: a garlic tofu quesadilla with some vegan mozzarella pan fried in vegan butter till crispy.

The next meal is one of my fave's because it's simple and includes my favorite classic: PB&J!

Mix together celery, apple, grapes and onion with mayo. Add a squeeze of lemon juice.

On the side I threw some pan fried garlic butter tofu. Then slapped together some bread with jelly and peanut butter. In place of bread, try a rice cake!

P.S. by now, my kitchen looks like this.

Final meal: on one side, green harvest crunchy peas from Costco. On the other, the wrap from meal one with some tofu and mozzarella on top. (I put the lettuce on the side so it doesn't get soggy).

Lunches this week were by far the cheapest I've done in a while. You only need 8 main ingredients, most of which can be found in the produce isle, and your favorite snacks on the side.

I hope these meals help you clean out the produce in your fridge and give you some extra time on rush days!

Keep an eye out for a more festive recipe next week.

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