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B&T 2 F&P

B&T 2 F&P


Everything I have learned from my competitive bodybuilding days (Figure) has been condensed into one 8 week program... and I'm giving it to you!


One program, amazing results!

Emails of your workouts right to your inbox every morning. 


Fascia Stretch Methods + Time Under Tension + Burner Workouts & more.


We will focus on:


Round Glutes

Glute - Hammie tie-in

Round shoulders

Symmetrical Physique

Losing extra body fat so that your work shows!


*Must have a barbell as we utilitize it for compound movements for the first 4 weeks.


NOTE: this is NOT a beginner program. You must be a competent lifter. We suggest doing B&T before moving on to B&T 2 (this program)


Access to the online portion for 8 weeks, keep the emails forever!

  • App Access

    App Access Expires at the end of the 8 weeks.

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