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Evan Nolte 1:1 Coaching

After a number of surgeries and an unexpected end to my Army career, I had a very difficult time both mentally and physically returning to strength. 


With Christine and Mitch’s programming I am healthier and stronger now than I was 10 years ago. If you do your part, you will absolutely become faster, stronger and more resilient than you were before.


I cannot recommend Summa Fit’s training and overall approach to wellness enough. If you are a veteran or first responder, these are the coaches and this is the community you’ve been looking for. 

Mike Ritland 1:1 Coaching

My lifestyle and professional career with K9’s puts a significant strain on my body. Maintaining a high level of fitness, quality nutrition and mobility is critical for my success and well being. Having customized, turn key and adjustable programming is crucial to be able to function the way I do, and I rely on Christine and Mitch for their guidance. Summa Fit is my go to programming for staying fit, nutritionally sound and flexible. They adjust all my programs and diet as needed based on my schedule, feedback and goals. I can’t thank Summa Fit enough for keeping me so dialed in on my fitness journey.

Marc Palomino K9 Handler Fitness Phase 1 & 2

It was phenomenal! I’m used to basic weighted exercises, and with this program I became more flexible and have better endurance to work with my K9 partner daily

I felt stronger each week and certainly noticed gains on endurance and longevity.

I enjoyed utilizing the app that had everything I needed all in one place. I couldn’t believe that everyday I looked up my work out for the day and it was some exercise I had never done before! The program kept me and my body guessing while making me more more flexible and stronger. Having access to the coaches to ask questions whenever I needed was fantastic. Overall great coaches and a great program!

Greg Malo K9 Handler Fitness Phase 1 & 2, Volition

Since graduating the police academy 9 years ago I have not had anyone push me to be the healthiest and fittest version of myself. It's a shame that our departments don't expect this from us considering the mental and physical aspect of the work that we have to endure on a daily basis. I have followed other workout routines but has never provided the motivation that you guys have provided. Now more than ever it is important for police officer's to be mentally and physically prepared every second of their shift for our families, K9 partners, co-workers and the community we serve. And this starts with hard work and dedication. Thank you for supporting us and provided a "tribe" for "worthless" handlers who strive to be better.

Mike Creer

Christine and Mitch are awesome!

I am stronger and healthier than ever!  I am over 50 years old and they customize my workouts to my abilities and then push me to reach greater levels.  They use their experience and knowledge to create challenging and fun workouts at the same time. They have helped me find a personal commitment to a healthy and fit lifestyle that I had been struggled with most of my life.  I am really happy with my new lifestyle and how I look and feel!

Thanks Christine and Mitch!

Marina Rhodin

Christine and Mitch have been working with me the last 2 years.  The experience has been amazing!  I get more out of my workouts with them than anyone I have ever trained with.  I have worked with 4 trainers in the past and Christine and Mitch are by far the best!  I lift more, run faster, and have more endurance and self-confidence than I ever had before. They push me to focus on form and commitment, which has helped me reach optimal levels of strength and fitness, and my butt has never looked better!.  Their ability to connect with me at a personal level creates an ideal balance between working hard and feeling good about myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Erin Brown

I love everything SummaFit. I’ve loved every program I’ve done. 1-on-1 nutrition was a great experience that gave me a new mindset regarding increasing calories. It also helped me figure out a plan for staying on track and avoiding burnout, to continue toward my goals on my own. 1-on-1 coaching is wonderful. The programming, coaching/feedback, encouragement, quick modifications when needed... I really can’t say enough. Caring and knowledgeable coaches (for workouts and nutrition) are priceless. I’m so thankful!

Your knowledge and programming obviously make the programs enjoyable and able to produce results... but y’all are more responsive and generally seem more invested in people which makes a huge difference!

Whitney Krupa

Best programs I’ve done so far. I was able to see results without having to spend hours a day working out.

I loved that you took the time to know my name. I 100% felt like you genuinely cared and wanted to help me with my goals. I loved getting help/critiques about form so that I could get the most out of the exercises.

Jessyca Jackson

It's AMAZING! Since I have started your programming I have not only gained strength but my bum shoulder has improved strength wise and mobility wise which is huge! I just love the programming for so many different things. But you guys as people is also what makes it so amazing

You guys not only have amazing programs but I think what separates them apart from all others is you truly care! You care not only that your programming is top notch but you care for your clients tremendously! That's a huge thing for me! Knowing that not only am I going to be taken care of physically but emotionally also! Y'all are seriously awesome!

Joey B.

This programming focused on my weaknesses and i saw much more progress in skill work and overall fitness than i would have without it. HIGHLY recommend.

You are responsive when i have questions or need feedback, have worked with my schedule, adjusted programming for injuries etc, what more could i ask for??

Suzanne K.

I thought it was amazing. You already know, but totally helped me reframe my mindset about nutrition. You guys were always available, very knowledgeable, and you helped me be successful and helped educate me instead of just giving me numbers to follow!

You guys are way more available, you explain the why, you are always going out of your way to help, you are focused on health FIRST.

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